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Juvenile delinquency, also known as juvenile offending or youth crime, is participation in illegal behavior by minors. These are individuals younger than the statutory age of majority or adult-hood.

California and other states have a legal system designed specifically for juveniles, including courts usually closed to the public and juvenile detention centers. A juvenile delinquent is a person who is typically under the age of 18 and commits an act that would have been charged as a crime if they were an adult.

Depending on the type and severity of the offense committed, such as attempted murder or murder, it is becoming more common for persons under 18 to be charged and tried as adults, frequently if it is a gang-related offense.

In California, juvenile crime is on the rise with our youth. Sometimes those crimes can have a devastating effect on the minors involved and on their families.

Attorney Nancy Mazza is well-acquainted with the high stakes involved in representing juvenile offenders. For many, it is a minor crime such as vandalism or graffiti, and ends up as a wake-up call for the juvenile to mend his or her ways, and move on to becoming a responsible adult. For others, due to socio-economic and gang influences, the charges rise to the level facing many adult offenders.

In recent years, the average age for first arrests has dropped significantly as younger boys and girls are committing crimes unheard of decades ago.

Attorney Mazza realizes a juvenile record can affect your child’s future and ruin the chances at employment and getting into the college of their choice. She will have your child’s best interests at heart and give your child a fighting chance to obtain a favorable legal outcome which both serves society and your child’s future.

If you need a juvenile crime attorney, contact us at once to protect your child’s rights.

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